That you can operate from home/very small office setup.
    That requires NO establishment cost or franchise fee that generally runs into lakhs with other companies

All you need to provide is a 100% refundable security deposit of minimum Rs 50,000/-; that too only when we start working with you.


Potential of this business
There are 100s of companies in Indian Market who are selling their products to people across country. The product can be anything, a music CD or may be a mobile phone

It is a well known fact that a end user in India always want things to be delivered to him first and payment to be taken thereafter. In short, people prefer placing order on “Cash on Delivery” basis. If a website / business operator can provide this facility, there business is bound to increase multiple times.

Here lies the opportunity. You must be surprised to know that though there are 100s of courier firms operating across country, there is hardly anyone that provides delivery of COD shipments. The only major network that provides this facility is Indian Post. Though it has the best network, but the services are affected by issues like lost shipments, very little holding period, no proper facility of online tracking, damage in transit and other issues like these.


How we can benefit from these shortcomings of Postal & Courier Services?
We operate on a 100% franchisee based structure where we all work as one group under the name Whiteleaf Business Support Services. The main aim is to increase our Network across India so that more and more business can be generated for everyone. Currently we offer 6-7 delivery destinations to our clients. We have agencies working in these cities, delivering the shipment sent to them with in their city, collect the cash and deposit the same in centralized account. The same is then forwarded back to the client.

Your Role: Once you enter into an MOU with us, shipments will be sent to your address as a regular parcel and an email will follow mentioning the COD amount. All you have to do is put the COD amount on the parcel, deliver the same, collect cash and deposit it in the centralized account that will be provided to you. All you need is a computer connected to internet and a printer. You can do deliveries by yourself or by appointing a person.

Your responsibilities: You have to ensure that the parcel gets delivered in time. The major benefit of our services is that we charge client only if the shipment gets delivered. The client becomes 100% sure that we will do our best to deliver the package in time. If a shipment gets cancelled there is also a provision of delivering the same to a new order coming in that city. Only if we can give better services, we can increase the business and get more shipments to be delivered.


Why we need security deposit and when you have to pay it?
Once the client starts shipping to you, at any point of time you will be having his goods worth thousands at your end. For this simple reason, we take a 100% refundable security deposit. Whenever you want to quit, clear the accounts and in 7 days you will be given your deposit back.

You don’t have to pay the deposit at the moment. If you are ready to be part of this, all you need to send is a DD of Rs 1000/- along with the duly filled form (download link given below) and documents. We will not deposit the demand draft. There will be a holding period of 90 days from our end. If the application gets rejected from our end, your documents and DD will be sent back to you via registered post. If we give a Go Ahead, you will need to send the deposit amount in 7 days time.

At any point of time the maximum collected amount along with the goods with you will not exceed 70% of your deposit value with us. If future if the load increases in your region, you can furnish additional refundable security to get more orders in your area.


Commission Structure to You

  • Flat Charge of Rs 70/- till 2Kgs or COD Value of Rs 2000/-
  • For every additional increase in COD value by Rs 1000/-, Rs 15/- extra (on basic charges) as cash management fees.
  • For every additional Kg, Rs 25/- extra (on basic charges) as handling cost.


Major Benefits to You

  • This is a Zero Risk Venture.
  • There is No Investment required at all.
  • You don’t need any specialized training for the same


A brief history about us
We are a Business Support Services Firm based in Mumbai. Since the year 2007, we have been following this delivery structure for our associate companies in major cities like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Complete operations are based on Franchisee Model and have been very successful. Recently in 2010, we thought of extending this service to others and a website was launched to check the market potential. So far, the response has been above expectation. If together we all can build a bigger network, providing services in at least 30-40 cities, we all can get a really good business. A big network is the main thing we need and that can be formed only with the help of committed individuals like you. 


How to Proceed?
We are looking for agencies from across India, including from the cities we mentioned above. If you are committed to be a part of this unique opportunity all you have to do is simply take a printout of the form given below, fill in proper information, attach documents and a demand draft of Rs 1000/-. You will have to mail the same to us at the address given below.

Note: We will not deposit the demand draft. There will be a holding period of 90 days from our end. If the application gets rejected from our end, your documents and DD will be sent back to you via registered post. If we give a Go Ahead, you will need to send the security deposit amount in 10 days time.

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